Elvis before and after - dog grooming in Richland TX


Elvis was a clients dog. They did not take very good care of him to say the least; We think they left him in the backyard. They even said at times they forgot to feed him! This upset me and the people I worked with, so we decided to take action. We had a plan and to our surprise it went very well. The owner gave us sweet Elvis with no fight. I took him home that night and to this day 6yrs later he is still with me. He has brought so much joy and love we couldn't image life without him. He is 15yrs old now and happy, healthy and loving life.
This was the shape Elvis in.This was the shape Elvis in.
Couldn't even see his eyes!Couldn't even see his eyes!
His wounds took a year to heal!!!!His wounds took a year to heal!!!!
First night home.First night home.
Elvis looking at our mice.Elvis looking at our mice.
About a year laterAbout a year later
Elvis last summer 2014Elvis last summer 2014